Workout Program For Skinny Guys

Today I am going to share a workout program for skinny guys that helped me gain 20 pounds of muscle in a little more than a year (in the event that he had eaten well and don’t squander my time with different mistakes would 30pounds at this point).

I ceased to do it without anyone’s help. It is for everybody who starts to pick up muscle and need a decent exercise. It is a 4-day training, the training division. Must go to the gym 4 times each week and giving a lot of rest for your body. You develop when you rest, not when you train.

Here Is The 4 Day Workout Program For Skinny Guys

Day 1

Chest / triceps / abs

Bench press,

Dumbbell flies,

Incline bench press,

French presses,

Close grip bench press,

1 arm dumbbell triceps extension resting on the bench,

Bike 3 games as many reps as you can

Day 2

Back / biceps / abs

Dead lifts,

Dumbbell rows,

Dumbbell rows,

Dumbbell work,

Hammer curls (also known as neutral grip loops);

Dumbbell curls,

Cracking in the bank I refused, 4 sets of as many reps as you can

Day 3



Leg presses,


Day 4


Shoulder press,

Lateral raises,

Reverse flies sitting on the bench,

All exercises are 4 sets and repetitions 10-12!

That’s it in a nutshell! It isn’t the most effortless program that could offer yet depends on compound activities that are best for lean muscle gain you can do it.

Stick for 3 months and let me know how it functioned for you! I will offer an advanced training program later on, yet it will be just for the individuals who are not new to lifting weights.

Keep in mind! The preparation is around 20-30 percent addition muscle, nourishment is all !!!

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