Why You Should Plan a Trip to Iceland?

Traveling to Iceland has always been the dream for all, we can be the reason for ‘Why you should plan a trip to Iceland’. Iceland is the land of ‘fire and ice’, the land of Natural Wonders. The best time to visit Iceland is in winters and where you can get a perfect light for your pictures. There are an endless amount of things you can do. If you are thinking to travel to an Iceland, here are some more reasons that would surely make you travel to an Iceland.

6 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Trip to Iceland?

1. Less Crowded


Most of the people hate to travel to crowded places, is a paradise for them. No one would like to share the waterfall with hundreds of people. You will find yourself in the different world. You will also find some tourist but very few.

It has the advantage to travel to Iceland in winters that you will even find the hotels empty, you can get the room of your choice easily.

2. Ice Caves


After looking any ice cave, you won’t believe yourself that it is real. You would have never seen anything like that, anything looking so much like it would be from the outer space. You will be stuck for a while, making yourself believe that it’s true, real and feel like you are standing in heaven but it is something more than real.

3. Northern Lights


It’s on the top of the list of all the travelers who are planning a trip to Iceland. It seems the magical beauty of the lights, which no one wants to miss that. To see those lights make sure to wrap up yourself warm for long in winters.

4. Perfect Place to Take Pictures


It is the best place to have the photographs in winters as it seems that the sky is painted dark and the sun doesn’t rise above, it hovers low creating a beautiful golden light. If you are not a photographer, it doesn’t matter, your photograph will naturally be beautiful in that lightening. As if clicked by the professional.

5. Endless Amount of Activities


All you can do is hiking, campaigning, Dolphin and whale watching, off-road tours, taking a bath in the hot river surrounded in snow high up in the mountains and the list keep on and on as there are lot more you can do, it’s not going to be an end. You will never feel bored.

6. Magical Landscape


Iceland’s are the only most beautiful landscape in the world and it also has some magic in it that no one wants to back if once they are there. Especially in winters, it becomes stunningly more beautiful.

No wonder that some of the scenes of ‘Game of Thrones’ are filmed there. In fact, the shooting of the film ‘James Bond’ also has some scenes of Iceland.

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