Why Warm Up Is Important Before Workout?

Warm up is important before each workout sessions as it increases our heart rate, makes our mind prepare for the heavy work out, increases circulation to our muscle. For warm-up workout can be running or cardio, strength increasing. It is just you have to do it for 10-15 minutes to make your body ready for the workout, though some athletes have found they need longer warm-up time. Athletes with high levels of health typically need more warm-up time before doing high-intensity workouts or short races. For very intensive work out, you need to spend more time warming up.

Reason Warming up yourself before workout will…

1. Boost Performance – 


A warm-up activity serves two major purposes—to enhance performance and prevent injury. Consequently, a warm-up is both physical and mental. Know that investing warm-up time will help you perform with more flexibility, speed, and strength. That makes it easier to get into the zone. If your body is fully able to manage the demands you make on it by exercise you can tackle new personal bests and have less soreness or stiffness later.

2. Increases Blood Circulation –

When you run for 5-10 minutes of a good warm-up you would gradually increase your blood circulation through your muscle.

3. Increases Delivery Of Oxygen And Nutrients –

With the good warm up, the delivery of oxygen and nutrients increases to your muscles, which prevents you from getting out of breath too early or too easily.

4. Prepares Your Heart –


With a warm up your heart gradually gets prepared with the increase in activity, which helps you to avoid the increase in high blood pressure.

5. Prepares Your Mind –


Warm up prepares your mind to get pumped up for a great workout.

Part of a warm-up process includes getting your head ready for the upcoming activity. Which makes you mentally prepare for the upcoming workout or even though helps you to improve technique, skill, and coordination.

6. Reduces Soft Tissues Injuries –

Reduces the chance of soft tissue injuries by letting your muscles and joints to move through a higher range of motion easily—and safely.

7. Easier Joint Movement (Less Painful) –

Warming up shows your body some love. As and when your body temperature increases, your joints get loosen and increase blood flow to your muscles. That means there will be less stress on your joints and tendons.

8. Increases Blood Temperature –

Increase blood temperature, which can allow you to work out longer or harder.

Warm-up gives you a few minutes to get “pumped up” for a great workout!

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