Why Dating A Girl Who Loves Food Is The Best Thing Ever?

Food is life and the people who love food are the happiest ones. But also foodie girls take it next to a whole new level. You might be thinking that what is so good about a girl for being a food lover and does it really have any advantage then I have an answer for you. After going on through following points you will start believing that ‘Why dating a girl who loves food is the best thing ever?’.

It’s Going To Be An Amazing Feeling


Yes, she loves food but because food brings everyone together on this point I am remembering an old famous saying in INDIA ‘way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach’.

2 She Will Always Makes Sure That You Never Feel Hungry

It’s like you will be in the middle of lunch and she will ask for what would you like to have for the evening snack or for dinner. She will always take care of you by assuring that you never feel hungry.

It’s Like You Will Plan For The Same Place Always


If I am not wrong every boy loves to eat or drink and always plan to out only at any bar or at any place famous for food. So, here is the point a food-loving girl also wants the same but she will plan for like 3 outlets in a single day for 3 meals or even for late night drinks.

4 She Is Not Harmful To Your Pocket

She will not make you spend money expensive clothes or shoes or on jewelry instead of that, she will make you spend money on food and that would definitely not going to harm your pocket.

5 She Will Help You In Gaining Or Losing Weight


As being foodie she knows everything about food so, she will help in taking proper diet like by telling you what and what not to eat and will remind you every time for your food.

6 She Always Has A List Of Perfect Places For Food

While going on a date you don’t have to worry for finding a good place, as she already knows many places of every type like a place for a low budget or place for good drinks or places for the romantic date she got the list of everything in her pocket.

7 No Need To Worry About Your Onion Or Garlic Breathe Smell

As she is a foody too so, will never going to have any problem with your onion breath smell. Every boy avoids food like onion kulcha or garlic bread if they have a date that day because eating all that stuff will smell while kissing but dating with a girl who loves food is another thing and for that, you really don’t have to worry.

8 She Will Always Orders More And Tasty Food


Many guys feel shy to eat more in front of girls but in the case of a foody girl, it’s not going to happen that way instead of that it may happen that she will eat more than you and whatever she will order will be tasty because she is also fond of that tasty food.

9 You Can Enjoy A Football Match With Her

Whether you are going for a football match or cricket match she will come with you even if she is not interested in any spot because she just cares about food and will walk in the whole stadium in search of good food for her and you which would be the best thing ever.

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