What to carry while travelling to Goa?

Things you must carry while traveling to the beautiful destination, GOA known for its beaches, nightlife and carnivals. For your best is to pack light to have the maximum fun in Goa. If you have planned your Goa vacation then, must read this post before packing your bags. As Goa is a place, completely for outdoor fun and water sports.

1. Beachwear


It’s important to ensure that to carry enough piece of cotton clothes to beat the heat in Goa and stay comfortable so can enjoy your best.

2. Hats and Sunglasses


Don’t forget to keep hat and sunglasses, to keep cool and to protect your eyes, skin, and hair from the sun’s ultraviolet rays as well as from the sand in the beaches. These will not only protect you but also make you look good and cool there.

3. Sun Scream


It’s important to pack a waterproof sun scream lotion with you, in order to protect your skin from sun rays. It does not make you sweat since you’re going to be quite hot and sweaty from all that partying.

4. First Aid


There can be a chance for any emergency as Goa is completely for outdoor activities. In that case, you must have some basic medicines for a headache, cold, stomach pain and like that. If you are a hard-core party animal, it might be a good idea to bring some OTC anti-hangover pills with you.

5. Fanny Pack


As it’s always a burden to carry bags wherever you travel. In that case, you can carry a stylish fanny bag that is more comfortable and easy to access than sling bag or a tote. Then your hands can be free to dance or to hold a drink.

6. Comfortable Footwear


It would be difficult to wear the branded shoes far and wide in Goa. There will be going to be toe stepping and dancing so you should carry a pair of comfortable footwear that cover your toes and are waterproof as well, instead of shoes and heels.

7. Selfie Sticks

You might be taking lots of pictures with your friends inGoa. And your handheld selfies are not going to do justice in capturing those crazy moments. However, spending some bucks on a selfie stick won’t disappoint you for sure.

8. Power Bank


Your packing will be incomplete without a power bank. As when you will be able to upload your pictures to social media then your trip will become more exciting. Therefore don’t forget to take a power bank with you and to let your phone’s battery drain out.

9. Hand Sanitizer & Wet Wipes


Not just for Goa, you must carry these hygienic products no matter when you’re packing for traveling somewhere. It will keep you fresh and miles away from germs.

10. Insect Repellent


Insects are everywhere in India and Goa is not exempted. Since you would be mostly out after the sunset. So carrying an insect repellent would be safe.

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