What Beard Style Suits My Face Shape?

Beard gives you a character which has no doubt. But it’s important to choose the best beard style to suit your face. And the tricky thing about this is if you have one that doesn’t suit your face that would have an adverse effect on you. So a perfect pairing between your facial hairstyle and face shapes matters a lot to look better than what you are pulling-off now. For that, you need to find out the perfect beard style to suit your face shape.

Here’s the list that we have arranged for you with different face shapes and the beard style which will make you look more attractive. if you can’t ascertain your face shape and confused between any two or three, then try both and see which works the best on your face.

1. Oval Face


Lucky you…!! Anything—or almost anything—goes with this face shape. Guys with this shape can try any type of beard style, with a little risk od its symmetry. Now, by the word symmetry, we don’t mean that every section of your beard should be well measured and trimmed according to some rule book, rather, you should work on your beard to shape your facial structure, to bring out the best of the results.

Which also means that you can try different beard styles, and keep changing your look. And the secret behind the good looks of Ranveer Singh is his oval-shaped face.

2. Square Face


You have a strong, square jaw that’s the defining feature of many models and actors. So, to get the best out of it you want a beard that highlights, rather than exaggerates, your strong jaw line. Try making your chin hair fuller at the bottom, and give the sides an angular style, so as to make the top angular and bottom rounder.

Suniel Shetty’s beard style is the perfect example for us.

3. Rectangular Face


For a face with a rectangular shape, try making the sides fuller and give it a bit of volume. Don’t make the bottom soo long, so as to make your face look roundish from the bottom. Aamir Khan showed us the correct way.

4. Round Face


A sharp jawline is usually recognized as a symbol of attractiveness. Unfortunately, people with a round face do not have such heartfelt facial features. So, you need to concentrate and work towards giving it an angular, edgy shape. To achieve this, you need to have long hair on your chin and short on your sides.

Virat Kohli Shows us the right way to make it.

5. Triangular Face


Triangular face shapes are compatible with many beard styles. Long beard style suits your face shape well but when going for short hair, it is better to focus on the chin for triangular faces. Ranbir Kapoor just has the perfect beard style.

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