What Are The Space Saving Hacks For Travellers?

While traveling one should feel free and comfortable and for that, you should carry every required thing with you and less no baggage. So if you love traveling you should learn some crazy space saving hacks which will make your traveling better, easy and comfortable.

Space-saving hacks for travelers

1 Choose Your Clothes Wisely


The first step while packing your bag is to choose your clothes correctly as you should choose the lighter clothes for example use cloths of cotton instead of wool because cotton cloths require less space and are lighter as compared to woolen cloths.

2 Pack Only What Is More Necessary

Avoid packing things which are not much necessary, as taking unnecessary stuff with you will just increase space in your bag. For example, things like towel and slippers are already available in hotels so there is no need to pack that kind of stuff.

3 Pack Heavy Item At The Bottom Of The Suitcase

The best space saving hack is to pack heavy items first, like your jackets and sweaters as and then it will be easy for travelers to save more space for other items.

4 Roll Your Clothes Instead Of Folding Them


You will be surprised to see the result after rolling your clothes instead of folding them as it will lead to saving of some more space but do not roll the cloths such as shirt as it will lose its crease and collar will get worse.

5 Keep It Fresh


Put dryer sheets between the layers of your clothes to keep everything fresh in your suitcase.

6 Fill Your Shoes With Extra Stuff


To save the space you can keep some stuff in your shoes such as your socks or your face wash. As there’s no reason to take up extra space with them.

7 Put Shoes At The Bottom Of The Suitcase

The best location for your shoes is at the bottom of your bag near the wheel as the weight will be distributed.

8 Wear The Bulkiest Item

Try to wear the bulkiest items like jackets and sweaters while traveling as it will save your packing space.

9 Avoid Packing Small Bags Or Kits


You should not carry a small bag for everything like a shaving kit or makeup kit instead of that you can put all that stuff lose in your bag.

These were some of the crazy hacks for space saving for a traveler. I hope these tricks will help you for next time whenever you will go for packing your suitcase.

We’d love to hear! your space-saving hacks which you do while packing your bags.

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