How To Trim A Beard At Home Like A Pro?

You’ve finally grown the beard that you always wanted to have. And maintaining your beard styles is not an easy task because it can make you look like a homeless man, while a sharp-looking modern-day Prince Charming look is what you were striving for. But as you know, going to the salon regularly is a task, which is not possible every time.

So don’t worry about that because it is what we write the blogs for, we will be helping you guys on how to trim a beard at home like a pro even if the salons are closed.

Here, we will show you how to groom a beard with the use of vital grooming tools, such as a beard trimmer and scissors. We will also be discussing how to comb and brush your beard.

A Guide To “How To Trim A Beard At Home Like A Pro?”

1. Wash Your Bread Properly


Before directly starting with trimming a beard would not be correct. So, it’s important to start with cleaning your beard, as your beard gets just as oily as the hair on your head, so give it a good wash to assure a clean trim. You can also use a mild shampoo or a beard wash to do that. Also, make sure not to miss cleaning your face along with your beard.

2. Dry It Out Properly


Don’t start cutting your beard when it is still wet. Hair changes its shape when it is wet so first make it dry and let your beard come back to its original shape. You can use the blow drier to make it dry faster.

3. Comb Your Beard


Combing reduces tangles and makes your beard ready for an easy trim. Don’t just “fluff out” the beard by combing against the grain. Comb your beard straight.

4. Start Cutting The Edges With Scissor


Unless you want any major transformation (please go to the salon if you want that), a slight trimming of the edges satisfies, only to get rid of the crimped shape. Be very patient, and keep monitoring regularly after every few snips.

5. Use a Bit Of Shaving Cream On Your Cheeks And Neck


These are the areas in which you will be using a razor or a blade. Make sure, it should be properly moisturized and conditioned to avoid a rough treatment.

6. Start Shaving Safely


Make a mental straight line wherever you feel your neck-beard should end. Use firm, clean strokes of your razor and keep looking up that your skin should be stretched. You can also try for shaving in different directions to figure out which one works the best. You can use a trimmer too if you’re good with that.

7. Remove any remaining foam and wash your face with cold water


Cold water tightens up the skin which will help to stop the bleeding from any small nicks or cuts on your face.

When your face has been cleaned, you’ll be able to see any small imperfections or spots you missed while shaving. Normally, minor adjustments can be made without re-applying a lather.

8. Start Giving It A Shape That You Want By Using A Trimmer


If you desire to give your face an edgy, angular look, try giving your beard a square-ish look. With one clean stroke, get your sideburns sorted. Manage your razor in such a way that it glides across your upper beard, making an ‘L’ shape. You can set the angles accordingly. Make sure, it should be simple because both the cheeks need to have the same pattern. If you want it to be round, go for that too — it is also very less complicated. In this step too, you can use a trimmer if you have an excellent control over it.

If you are confused with the beard styles which would suit your face the best. Click here for different beard styles.

9. Optional: Use A Beard Shape Tool


There are beard shape tools available in the market that act as a stencil for your beard shaping. Use one of those for a perfect beard finish.

Now, that’s how you can try How to trim a beard at home like a pro.

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