How To Stay Fit When You Have A Desk Job

We all know that to stay healthy, we need to eat nutritiously and work out, but if you have a desk job and have to sit all day long at the same place, we know how hard it can be to keep up on these habits. It’s important to find some extra things to do to stay fit when you have a desk job and spend most of your time sitting, as you will be at a higher risk for health problems down the line from being more sedentary. Although it requires somewhat more effort, regardless you can keep yourself fit even if your job demands you to spend your entire workday in front of a computer.

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Despite working out can help yourself to improve numerous aspects of your health, the positive effects of exercise aren’t sufficient to completely balance your daily inactivity, according to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. “Drinking water, moving your body, get enough sleep — all of these things play an important role in the ability for your brain to function properly on a cellular level,” says health coach and physical therapist.

Consider These 9 Ways to Stay Fit When You Have A Desk Job

1. Stretch or Move in Place


Stretching at your desk can eliminate stress and refresh both your body and your mind throughout the day by taking some time to get up and stretch.

“Doing any one thing for a long period of time can be both physically and mentally stressful” said by doctors.

By taking short, 3 to 5 minutes break throughout your day, you can get the oxygen flowing through your body and brain.

2. Maintain Good Posture


It’s easy to get your back and neck out of whack when sitting at a desk for all day long. Each and every nerve of yours run through your spine. If any of your nerves get depressed, you may experience a dip in your performance. Ensuring you have an ergonomic arrangement, sitting up straight, and aligning your head properly with your screen can enable you to maintain a healthy spine and solid body. And this is the best way to stay fit when you have a desk job.

3. Drink a Lot of Water


Indeed, even simply gentle drying out can cause moodiness and fatigue, according to a study from the Journal of Nutrition. Aim for at least half your body weight in ounces of quality water daily and keep large water container with you at all times. Taking sips during meetings or in the middle of tasks can help you maintain much-needed hydration.

4. Eat Breakfast


It’s fascinating to rush out the door and simply grab your morning coffee, but do yourself a favor and allow yourself to have some breakfast. You may start to feel exhausted, lazy, and moody or simply out of sorts if you skip your breakfast, and your memory, concentration, and mental or physical performance might be affected adversely.

5. Meditate

Working for 9-to-5 can be very stressful, and incorporating mindfulness, meditation into your day can improve you manage that develop anxiety and stress, indicated by Harvard Health. What’s more, meditation doesn’t have to be simply sitting in silence. Active meditation can include moving your body in order to get stress out of your head— dancing, walking, running, for example — while passive meditation requires introspection (usually by means of sitting or lying still) in order to calm your mind and stay fit when you have a desk job.

6. Change Your Means of Transportation


Maximum jobs want you to sit all day long and this drops your movement throughout the day. You can include extremely simple things like taking the stairs in place of the elevator, getting up from your desk whenever you get a chance and take a 5-minute walk. Simply increasing this exercise can help you burn 100 – 200 extra calories daily. Use the restroom on another level, and use stairs to reach there.

7. Get Adequate Sleep


Without a doubt, we know you work late and get into your office early, however, it’s a great opportunity to start prioritizing sleep. Lack of sleep can take you to serious risk of chronic health problems, as per WebMD, and it can also affect your performance at work. Sleep is the time where the brain ‘cleans itself out. If you don’t get enough sleep and can’t think precisely, it is because your brain hasn’t been fully re-charged and the waste’ products from all of your daily movement are still in the way.

8. Stand Whenever Possible


One investigation from the European Heart Journal found that over the top sitting is connected with worse health, but if participants replaced two hours a day standing, they showed lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and lower risk of heart disease. On the off chance that you can, stand up while flipping through records or making telephone calls. You would feel a little awkward at first, but chances are more that no one around you will even notice you standing.

9. Skip restaurants whenever possible

Restaurant food is loaded with everything extra in it, extra sugar and salt, as is probably not going to be as healthy as something you made at home. Better to bring a simple lunch from home or leftovers from the night before.

If you do eat out, choose for some fresh, healthy salads or other foods whenever possible. If you eat well at lunch, you won’t want to graze on junk food in the afternoon.

Have more ideas to add to this list? Please let us know!

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