How To Start The Conversation With A Girl (Crush)?

I think, starting a conversation with a girl (crush) is not an easy thing, it takes some amount of courage to start a conversation with her. Conversation to make with the girl you like can be a deal maker or breaker. It’s OK to feel nervous while approaching her for the first time, but try to be confident by standing up straight and smiling. You just need to remember what are the things you should, can and must talk about and filter the rest of it. Don’t take the conversation where she would probably feel uncomfortable talking to you. The whole idea is to first build her interest and keep it intact, so she doesn’t get bored and walk away!

Look Out For Her Comfort:


You need to pay special attention to her solace while in a conversation with her. On the off chance that you make her vibe awkward anytime, it will go down in her mind as the most exceedingly awful conversation ever. We don’t want that, do we? So all things being equal, continue smiling and throw some amount of healthy flirting her way, so she’s occupied with your talks. Your activities can give her a feeling of solace too. For example, look into her eyes when she’s conversing with you, so she knows you’re not in it just to make a good impression yet to show a genuine interest also.


When you begin to feel comfortable around your crush, and you see that your crush has been looking at you rather regularly, it’s a great opportunity to break the ice. At the correct opportunity, either when you walk past your crush, or if both of you bump into each other, simply grin a warm and friendly hello. You don’t have to state anything if your heart begins hesitating. Simply grin, since that is an ideal method to get into each other’s lives!

Common Interests:

You probably know enough about your crush, what she likes or don’t care for, and you have a smart thought about the activities that they like or the things they do, be it yoga classes, or having coffee at a specific place each night. Try to see whether both of you have any common interests that could bring you closer to your crush. All things considered, the more chances to chance upon each other, the greater your chances of a glad closure.

Don’t Hesitate:


Hesitation is an opportunity killer.

The more you hold up to approach your crush (particularly in case you’re on the beginner level), the more troublesome it will be to actually do it. Thus, rather than hesitating, start walking towards the girl, the second you understand you want to converse with her. Once you’re in movement, you’ll have the energy you have to really do it. If you keep on hesitating, you will not be able to start the conversation with a girl (crush).

Update your clothes. When you feel good about your appearance, you naturally get confident, so ditch the baggy jeans and invest in some good quality, well-fitting pieces to help you look and feel good.



One of the simplest approaches to really influence a girl to feel like she’s in her comfort range of familiarity is through humor. Your comical inclination doesn’t need to be flawless or on-point yet you can attempt a couple of jokes that can inspire her to grin. Truth be told, you don’t generally need to be the funny guy. You simply should be the cheerful and fun person, she can act naturally around. In case you’re cheerful and attempting your effort at being funny as well, you have her consideration for that minute, or for whatever is left of your life! Who knows?


If you keep these pointers in mind, before beginning a conversation with a girl you like, it’s sure that you will be going to score a wonderful date with her. You can gradually come to the heart of the matter where you ask her out for the date yet before you hit that button, ensure your game is solid and you know how to talk with the girl, who suits your desire.

Be it in your office, or at a bar or even at a concert, when you spot somebody you like and need to talk with, make sure you establish a decent first impression and everything else will fall later!

Hope now you got How to start the conversation with a girl (crush).

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