How To Never Get Into The Friend Zoned?

Friend Zone is the biggest proof that some nightmares really do come true. It’s the worst place, a guy can be in. Ok, friendship is great but is not what you want from the pretty girl. We hate how conveniently some girls mislead guys into believing they’re interested while they really aren’t. If you are one of them then we are going to tell you how you can get out of the friend zone. If you are already into it then this article is for you, how to never (ever) get into the friend zone?…

1. Let Her Know That Other Girls Are Interested In You


Make her feel like more other girls are interested in you even if it’s nothing like that. This point will attract her towards you as the whole world behaves like sheep walk. Make her feel that she has a bigger chance of losing you.

2. Try To Ignore Her


Yes, it is a fact that one feels the importance of something after he or she losses that thing. So, follow the same rule as letting her feel incomplete without you. This will increase your importance in her eyes as even if you love hanging around with her then even don’t do that since it will decrease your value.

3. Avoid Being Her Timepass


If she comes to you after having a fight with her boyfriend for just emotional support and leaves you after coming back with her boyfriend then you should not give her sympathy. At first, it will heart her but for the long run, it’s going to be beneficial for you.

4. Don’t Let Her Take Your Advantage

Everyone in the world takes advantage of the good person. I mean straight trees cut first in the forest. For example – if you always pay for her drinks or do all her work then she will treat you as her pretended boyfriend means when she gets both perks of being in relationship and perks of being single.

5. Always Be Straight

Always be in active voice try to avoid talking in the passive voice. For example – don’t ask her “Would you like to go on a date?” just be straight and ask her “Let’s go on a date”. So guys, be brave and straight-forward while asking her for a date, which will increase your chance to never get into the friend zone.

6. Don’t Be Afraid Of Rejection


Don’t go into self-depression if she says no for a date be a spot and ask for a non-date. She will not say no for a non-date if you are good friends. Take her out for a long walk in any garden or go for coffee.

7. Be Different

I mean don’t just follow her instructions all the time. You don’t have to go to the same places every time which she likes. Sometimes just say no to her and go to the place you like. Show her more about yourself, most of the girls like such different quality in a man.

8. Be Mysterious


Each and every girl want to know everything about everyone’s life so don’t tell everything about you in one go. A mystery is the main attraction for every girl it will make her think more about you and she will herself come close to you or will try to know everything about you so, of course, it will be beneficial for you.

9. Clear Your Intentions


Don’t leave her in a confusion that you are just her friend or you want something else. Listen if you will not clear your intentions then your life is going to be messy so just let her know that you love her or like her more than a friend.

10. Show Your Love


She is not going to dream that you love her or not if you are not showing it to her. You can show your affection by many ways like surprise her with something or the other since girls love surprises. Touch her eyes, don’t be afraid of touching her if you are afraid of doing that then you are sabotaging your chance. See there is a difference between platonic and romantic touch so go for romantic touch it will let her know that you are interested in her and your chances of not being friend zoned will increase.

11. Be The Man


Her yes or no for being into the relationship is not in your control. Sometimes convincing her is not your cup of tea so don’t let her use you by her choice just leave her and walk away as you also have some self-respect.

So, guys, I think you got the answer of “How To Never Get Into The Friend Zoned?” So now go and follow these methods on your crush and I am sure it will be going to work and if not then try it on any other girl yah! I mean there are a lot of eye candy in this world.

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