How To Make Girls Fall For You In 2018?

Admit it, that every boy think’s how to make a girl fall for you? And is the question that men have been asking from ages. Don’t worry, it’s normal every guy wants that. Everyone wants that they should have a perfect match, the girl who fits in his life. The reason why most of the students regularly go to the college. It takes time, energy and lots of patience. There must be an attraction between the two, if not then it might happen that she will not fall for you. Let’s learn how you can improve your chance to impress a girl, which would seem to be a hard start but really it’s not.

How to make girls fall for you??

1. Go slow and easy


Go slow while pursuing a girl, rushing to her to fall for you is definitely not a good idea. She might think that you are desperate for her. By that, she would lose interest in you. Firstly, try to be her friend to know her better, her interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes, before you propose her to be your girlfriend. Ask question to show your interest in her.

2. Make her smile


If you can make a girl smile then you have the power to make her fall in love. Girls love guys who can put up a smile on their face. Which don’t mean that you start giving lame jokes…

3. Complimenting is ‘IMPORTANT’


Never give fake compliments because women can sense it very well. Women are the biggest needier of compliments, by that they get to know whether the guy is still interested in her. Compliment her on looks but it should not be only on her looks, compliment her on other things also such as her intelligence, her creativity and whatever you like in her.

4. Always look and smell good

Not all girls care about looks but looking and smelling good would give a good impression and would help you make her fall for you. Take bath regularly, have a good hairstyle, wear good and clean clothes, style your beard. Show her that you have a classy style.

5. Flirt with her a little


Flirting is important to show her that you are interested in her more than a friendship. Flirting happen on its own, it’s not a technique that you can learn.


  • Most importantly try to be original. What you actually think about her.
  • Try to be yourself, not that what you are not.
  • Don’t show off a lot in front of her.
  • Don’t show you are desperate for her attention, at any point.

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