Hairstyle for Indian boys that will always be in style.

Men’s hairstyles are not just like women’s, they like to try different things with their hair. Certainly, Indian boys are aware of the new hairstyle and the hairstyles aren’t that different from the western culture. When it comes to hairstyle for Indian boys, one needs to be very careful and go for the style that will suit their face cut.

Choosing a new hairstyle can be a scary task as you have to think about your style, height and hair type (curly or not). But if one knows to style the hair in the proper way, one can surely look fantastic and charming. Hair is our natural crown which glorifies and style us the better way.

Celebrities play an essential role in influencing others for trying new styles in fashions like dressing and haircut when it comes to rock & roll parties and weddings. Nowadays people don’t shy away to try new hairstyles. Like women, hairstyle for Indian boys also have a long list of haircuts which doesn’t stop to increase every season as per the trend.

Hairstyles for Indian boys that we have picked just for you.

1. Blurred Sides with Spikes


Look youthful and stylish with quirky spikes and faded sides. It is a low upkeep hairdo that does not require a lot of products because of its really short length. All you have to do is wash your hair and comb it throughout the head and you are finished. Indian boys can look great with this modern hairstyle.

2. Smooth Side Swept Quiff


If your personal style leans more towards the preppy and trendy side then this hairstyle would be the perfect option for you. This hairdo gives you a trendy and sexy appeal that no one will be able to resist. Use a little bit of gel to give your hair a wetly appearance and lock it in place.

3. Sun Kissed Quiff


Who said that men can’t openly colour their hair? A sun-kissed effect on your quiff will make you resemble the most cherished supermodel of the industry. This hairstyle for Indian boys can right away add tons of glamour and style to their look without trying too hard.

4. Guy Next Door Hairstyle


Sweet and flirty! This fun hairstyle is unquestionably going to earn you a lot of compliments around the block. The best part about this hairstyle is that you can style it in multiple ways, exactly how you like.

5. Classic Slick Back


One of the mostly seen formal hairstyle among Indian boys. This classic smooth back subtle pompadour never goes out of style. It is the ultimate gentleman haircut that can take your overall appearance from zero to 100. Make your hair ready with gel, pomade, or wax, whatever suits your hair and head.

6. All Curled Up


Curly hair is known to suit every face type and gives off a classy yet lively vibe. Curly hairstyles are suitable for almost every event whether it is a wedding, a formal office party or even a beach outing. Indian boys with curly hair can try this hairstyle. Curl up your hair and complete the eye-catching look for any event to have a good time without any hassle.

7. The Caramelized Boho


Stand out from the crowd with this caramel tinted, wispy hairstyle. Go for highlights a few shades lighter than your hair colour and style them using a few styling products according to you that suits you well. With this hairstyle, no one will be able to take their eyes off from you, for sure.

8. Bad Boy Ponytail


Long hair can now and again be a problem to manage. Tie your hair into a small low ponytail to keep your hair away from your face while still maintaining your badass style. This hairstyle has been cherished by various celebrities all through the world for obvious reasons.

9. Hot and Messy With Fringe


Are you going for a soft and romantic look that is straight out of a Bollywood movies? Then look no further. You simply need to get messy layers in your hair with a small amount of fringe that you can style in accordance with the occasion you are going to visit.

10. Comb over Quiff


This is one of the trendiest hairstyles among Indian boys these days because of its versatility. Whether to comb it over, style it towards the back, or spike it up, it will always make you look stylish and polished with minimal effort. For the plus points, it has been rated one of the sexiest hairstyle for Indian boys by women.

11. Natural Wave


Give your hair some natural wave with the help of some styling tools and hair products. Sport these beach natural waves to any event or occasion that you want. It one of the most wanted hairstyle these days all through the globe.

12. Messy yet Chic Quiff

16 best hairstyle for indian men suggested indian celebrities Best Hair Style
16 best hairstyle for indian men suggested indian celebrities Best Hair Style – Trend Hairstyles 2019

The quiff is extremely popular these days and it can be styled in various ways depending on the length of the hair. Short and choppy quiff looks like straight out of a teenager magazine if styled properly. Use gels or waxes to lock your hair in place while smoothly combing your hair from the sides to complete the look.

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