Month: September 2018

How To Trim A Beard At Home Like A Pro?

You’ve finally grown the beard that you always wanted to have. And maintaining your beard styles is not an easy task because it can make you look like a homeless man, while a sharp-looking modern-day Prince Charming look is what you were striving for. But as you know, going to the salon regularly is a task, which is […]

What Beard Style Suits My Face Shape?

Beard gives you a character which has no doubt. But it’s important to choose the best beard style to suit your face. And the tricky thing about this is if you have one that doesn’t suit your face that would have an adverse effect on you. So a perfect pairing between your facial hairstyle and face shapes […]

6 Best Warm-up Exercises To Do In The Gym

No matters what your workout plans, you need to do few warm-up exercises before you start with your workout session. Warming up takes minutes and brings with it a host of benefits. The warm-up is important before each workout sessions as it increases our heart rate, makes our mind prepare for the heavy work out, increases circulation to our […]